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The Product/ Technology

How does Stragiliti achieve significant improvements in speeds, and reduction in effort compared to conventional software development ?

Stragiliti is powered by an innovative low code application platform (LCAP) that auto develops a significant portion of the development effort. Low code / no code technologies take the approach of modeling the application in non-technical terms, and then auto developing the code from the model.

The improvement is applicable for enterprise and mobile applications that are reasonably complex – ones that conventionally requires a full team to execute.

Which parts of the application are automatically developed, and which parts require manual coding ?

Stragiliti auto develops code across all the layers (Front end, mobile, Web Services, Controller, business logic and database) in fact generating a working application that can be deployed on the cloud with a standard user interface. In addition, it provides numerous utilities needed to work along with the application (alerts, permissions, roles, menus, views etc.).

However, most applications like to have customized user interfaces especially in areas where end users use the applications. Such customized pages need to be manually developed using conventional methods and connected to webservices (typically auto developed) on the server. Similarly, complex business logic may also have to be auto developed.

Typically, about 70 to 90% of the application will be auto developed and the rest developed conventionally.

Are Low Code Application Platforms (LCAP) a proven technology ?

Low code technologies have been around for nearly two decades. It used to be known as case tools in the 90s and model driven development in the early 2000s. Low code technologies as it is today are far more powerful in terms of performance, quality, speed of development and maintainability, and are now being used for critical and mainstream applications in large, medium as well as small companies. Gartner has indicated that by 2024 about 65% of all applications will be built using low code application platforms (LCAP)

Stragiliti also has been in existence for over a decade. Some of the applications it has been used for are in use by thousands of users.

Using Stragiliti

Is one dependent on Stragiliti once the applications are developed ?

No. Stragiliti generates standard, high quality and maintainable code, which can be managed by a reasonably competent development team. There is an option called exit with code, which when invoked allows you to extract the code and maintain it the conventional way. Being structured code, it is easier to maintain than conventional code.

If one does not exit, one can maintain the application without having to go to code level - Stragiliti makes it easier to maintain the application at this level.

Can we model and maintain the application ourselves using Stragiliti.

Yes, Stragiliti is designed for do it yourself modeling. The generation /auto develop, however, is a semi-automatic service provided by Kallos/ Stragiliti

What capability levels are needed to assemble applications on Stragiliti

One does not need to program to model Stragiliti, but basic concepts of process modeling and usage system utilities helps a lot, in order to model a good application that everyone wants to use.

However, once exit with code occurs (optional) one needs a strong and dedicated team to manage and improve the version. This development capability is not needed prior to exit during regular use of Stragiliti

In case we require the modeling of the application to be done by the Stragiliti team, would you take it up?

Stragiliti prefers that organizations that self-models, generates the applications on their own and develops it. However, you want us to do it, we will be happy to take it up to ensure your success.

Is change of functionality easy ?

Change is far easier than conventional. It depends on the area where the change is required. If it is in an auto-developed area it's easier.

How much of the development process does Stragiliti automate.

The quantum depends on the type of application. Highly transaction-oriented applications are automated to a high degree. The core plumbing of the transactions across all the layers are automated. Several utilities are also redeveloped. Areas where work is manual is when there is a specialized UI or when there is business logic that is unique.

Can one build an application without a CTO or a Technology development team ?

Yes. The Stragiliti team can take up the assignment and when development is required it can bring on board its offshore development team that can develop parts of the application that require conventional development.

Does the software development methodology change with the user of Stragiliti

With Stragiliti one can use traditional methods like Agile or Waterfall methodologies - the prime difference being that in each sprint one can achieve more functionality because of the auto-development. An innovative use of Stragiliti would be to take an iterative development approach, where visual view of the application at each stage allows capture of accurate specifications earlier in the cycle and reducing the risk of development deviating from the true business need.

In all cases the methodology would show better results than conventional approaches.


What is the difference between the Single App version and the Multiple App version

The features of Stragiliti are the same for both the options.

The single application allows you deploy a single application in two servers (Staging and Production). The multiple app option allows you deploy up to 10 projects on three servers (Development, Staging and Production).

For specific needs over and above this, contact the team to clarify how it is to be configured

How many users can use the development/ administration part of

For a single app version one can have 5 development/ administrative users. There is no limit on the number of end users. For a multiple app version one can have up to 15 development users and unlimited number of production users

Complexity of each app – is there any limit

There is no limit of the complexity of the applications being built.

Why does one have to pay to invoke the exit with code option.

When one exits, one obtains the source code of the application. Having gained the advantage of speed and quality via Stragiliti, one saves a lot. When exiting, Stragiliti is getting paid for the value it provides via the exit fees. Stragiliti requires a team to maintain and keep improving the technology and a portion of the subscription fees are used to fund continuous improvement.

What special discounts or terms is Stragiliti giving to startups and tiny companies

With startups Stragiliti provides terms that defers some of the costs to be paid later. This combined with speed, iterative development and lower overall costs makes it a compelling case for Startups to use Stragiliti to prototype as well as build MVP’s of applications.

What are the options in terms of deployment in the Public Cloud/ Private Cloud

Stragiliti is open to deploying the application in the Private Cloud as well as in the public cloud. The options are

  • On servers (in this case the domain name should be used)
  • On your own domain server (private or public)

In case its deployed on your own servers (public or private) we require access to the server to upgrade the software periodically with improvements without having to get permission each time from you.