Stragiliti Partner Program

The Opportunity.

The trillion dollar enterprise application space is undergoing a massive shift. Over the next decade applications that are code heavy will be replaced by low or no code based applications. This will be true whether it’s a product, a SaaS application or a bespoke application. This is because applications assembled this way are far more flexible, maintainable, efficient and developer independant compared to conventional applications.

Why Partner with Stragiliti for this Opportunity?

With a decade of experience in Rapid Enterprise Application Development using Low Code Application Platforms (LCAP), Stragiliti has multiple service offerings focused on Mid and Small sized businesses. These services offerings offer order of magnitude improvements in delivery parameters of speed, flexibility, price and success likelihood - ensuring the likelihood of being the winner in objective evaluations by customers.

What difference will it make to your practice/ business?

You can now offer a much wider range of solutions to your customer base, and promise better delivery and pricing terms - compared to competition. You can deliver whole projects that are more complex, that can be delivered faster, with a better success likelihood. In short you can grow your business with better margins compared to earlier, with the Stragiliti partnership practice

What types of opportunities does this address well?

  • Rapid Bespoke Application Development (Enterprise Class)
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Legacy Application Migration
  • Cloud Application Migration
  • Prototype (semi working) development
  • Minimum Viable Product (new product version 1)
  • Proof of Concept
  • SaaS Applications (see currently available products)

What SaaS/ Cloud Applications can be offered to customers currently (apart from bespoke projects)?

  • Travel and Expense Automation
  • Leave, Time and Attendance Automation
  • Employee Portal with Core Employee Database
  • Staffing Digitized - For Staffing Companies
  • Recruiting Software - For End Organizations
  • (expect more, typically around HR and Administration)

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