Stragiliti In Action

For your project buildout, Stragiliti delivers speed, and drastic effort reduction, and hence lower costs and higher success rates. As a proven low code platform, it has been in existence for over a decade, growing in maturity, in development productivity, in usage performance, and in rendering applications in the latest versions in vogue in the market. With Stragiliti, you have an unfair advantage, because the effort involved is so much lesser since most of the heavy lifting has already been done, even before you start.

Projects Delivered

Over 50 enterprise class applications have been delivered to customers in over 12 countries using the Stragiliti platform. Some of the more prominent ones are expanded here. We have also delivered many custom applications for Small and Medium businesses with unique needs

Leave, Time, Attendance, Biometric Integration and an Employee Portal for Indias largest Staffing firm and used by over 5000 employees

An e-publishing process outsourcing company with over 1000 employees, servicing the leading publishing houses around the world. The core production workflow of the organization, used by most employees in their daily work was automated, and the system has been in use for many years.

A service case handling portal used by customers, service personnel, partners and marketing in a real time collaborative manner. Used by over 5000 users worldwide

A recruitment/ employee life cycle management solution for contract workers and dashboards for managers to track performance of teams. Online usage by over 2000 staff

5 applications developed for the KGK group a diamond conglomerate headquartered with over 100 companies in HongKong. Applications were in the areas of Finance and HR

A work tracking and payment calculation application meant for independent contracters - for a leading construction company in UK.

A unique point of sale salon application which is used for execution and billing at the location and aggregates data from across all sites - for India's largest salon chain