About Us

We are a team that’s passionate about low code platforms to accelerate development. The combined team has over 50 person years of experience on this building and assembling products and solutions on this platform

We believe that into the future all bespoke and custom development of applications will be assembled and not coded. The resulting transformation opens a lot of opportunities.

We also believe that applications will be managed by process and business owners (citizen developers) rather than technical developers. Citizen developers would be the norm and coding would be focussed on improving the tools that citizen developers will use.

We also believe that the current levels of complexity in building and changing applications will become far more easier, enabling companies to be more agile and flexible in the corporate initiatives - something that was slowing them down in the past

We have delivered low code based products and solutions to diverse verticals as well as products and hence are now capable of delivering any enterprise class transaction system using this platform